Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Spring Break from the Farm


Just returned home yesterday from an extended weekend off the farm. Thursday I took a flight to Atlanta to visit Jonathan and enjoy meeting new friends and explore that part of the country.

So many great experiences...

A few pictures:

 Exiting the plane from Minot in Denver on my way down.

Hiking Blood Mountain in northern GA. 

A big old pine near the top of the first rise. See the opposing hills in the background? Massive! 

Jonathan in one of the company pickups. I had a chance to meet his boss and coworkers at the office of Place Services Inc. on Friday.

Meanwhile the family kept track of the farm. The newest calf stayed in a stall in the house for convenient checking and feeding.

Went out to visit the Skelly's farm on Monday. Nice to see a more rural part of GA.

Had the pleasure of showing Rose how to behave for a rider. Went from flighty to relaxed after the lunging exercise (pictured).

Tire went flat near Macon, GA.

The Nees are a wonderful family from Jonathan's church. They invited us over for dinner and fellowship on Sunday. Thanks so much!

Evan is an inspiring guitarist. Had a great conversation about guitars and styles after fellowship dinner at Chalcedon. 

Fun bunch of people to visit with after the evening church service. (Photo courtesy of Mrs. Boles).

Jonathan shuttled me through Atlanta traffic to the airport Tuesday morning.

It's always great to spend quality time with Jonathan. He's my favorite older brother. Thanks to the family for taking my place for almost a week!

All for now,



Emmy Tolbert said...

WOW! It looks like you had a great time! What a neat way to explore new places while visiting your brother! :D

Dawn Bornemann said...

Hi Peter,
I told your mom how happy I was for you to be able to get away from the farm for awhile. When Robert and I got married, we were milking 180 Holsteins and we got off 3 days a YEAR! When his brother and wife took their 3 days off, we put in double time meaning ALL day long we worked with animals. I trust that your trip was refreshing and a welcome break from the constant responsibility of milking! God bless those who gave you this break!! Amen?

Peter said...

Great time it was, Emmy! Any chance to see the whole wide world is super exciting.

Peter said...

Mrs. Bornemann -

Yes! Amen. I'm sure you're relieved to not have to handle 180 cows twice a day!

I can say that while I enjoy the responsibility of milking cows, for family reasons, I want to expand our operation to the point that hired helpers allow me some freedom to leave the farm from time to time.

Yes, the trip was great.