Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Doing some welding


The weather's been extremely nice and working outside is great! Last night David commented on how you go outside and breathe and the air is full and refreshing, rather than brisk and chilly on your lungs.

Today I helped David get started on welding a mount for his debris loader. It'll be a square tubing frame that swings around the side of his box truck to allow the truck box to be unloaded when the back is full.

 We needed to cut two angles to match the diagonal cross member to the main L shaped frame. To do it right, David and I spent some time using our Algebra to calculate the sin and cos of the triangle. I remembered most of it, but got stumped because the calculator would not allow an inverse function.

Dad solved the problem with me and we spent some time going through trigonometry tables proving the math behind the calculator.
Used the cutting torch and arc welder to cut and tack the first part of the frame together.



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