Saturday, March 21, 2015

A Mom and a Business Lady

Good morning -

Just had to comment on how thankful I am for Mom's dedication to helping our family business.

Last week she tuned into the MoneyWise radio program and absorbed a fascinating interview with Anne, from Auntie Anne's Pretzels. Auntie Anne's is the world's largest soft pretzel franchise, with outlets in malls and major airports around the world. Anne is a strong Christian and started her company as a way to give to others. The company logo is a pretzel with a halo representing an angel.

Now just this morning I came across this book sitting in the milk room:

Mom bought herself Anne's story of growing Auntie Anne's. The book tells her story of growing the business from a stand at a local farmer's market, to a world company -- giving credit to God in it all. Besides this book, Mom also bought Dad Joel Salatin's new book, "Fields of Farmers" on managing internships and employees. Dad is already plowing through it and sharing insights with us (like how you don't want to be the first employer of a college graduate).

Mom proves herself over and over to be dedicated to the details, and is always watching out for us as we take risks -- pointing out things the rest of us couldn't see.

Now Mom and Dad are on their way to Grand Forks, delivering fresh milk to our growing customer base there. Dad drops Mom off for shopping, then goes over to the drop location to meet the customers.

You're a great example, Mom! We couldn't do it without you.



Stephanie Skelly said...

Oh, Peter.. this is great! I know your mom will be blessed by it! (If she is anything like me, you may want to make sure she has a few tissues handy before she reads it!!)

And, Lynn... I told you so. ;)

Love you all...

Lori said...

She is a great mom. Much of the success of Bartlett Farms is due to hard work and dedication. She has worked tirelessly and will always put you boys ahead of her own wants and and health. Thanks for posting Peter.

Emmy Tolbert said...

Mom's are the best! :)

Peter said...

Mrs. Skelly - I'm so thankful for a Mom who blesses us, I hope it gave back a little blessing in return.

Peter said...

Mrs Kenney -
Yes, Mom works the hardest of all of us many times!

Peter said...

Emmy - Spot on :)