Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Farm Notes July 30th

Last week the raspberries came into season and we have been busy picking away at the patch.  Once the berries are picked into clean plastic clamshell containers, they are chilled in a cold place to lower their temperature and prolong their shelf life.  The chilling also firms up the berries to reduce crushing as they sit in refrigeration before being delivered to their destination.  Raspberries are a favorite in our family, and raspberry jam is a family tradition around here.  I will always remember the mornings we ate breakfast around the table at Grandpa and Grandma's house, and Grandma served crunchy toast smothered with her very own fresh, deep red, handpicked, homemade raspberry jam!  Those fun memories revive when I think of the delicious smell that fills the house while making raspberry jam.

Apple and cherry trees scattered throughout the raspberry patch contribute to the orchard.

Your farmer,

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