Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Farm Notes July 23

Faithful Samson, the farm dog.  What a wonderful part of our family!  On many occasions Samson has proven his "Shepherding" traits by rounding up runaway kid goats or flighty feathered hard-to-catch chickens.  He listens to our commands and voice tones and seems to know precisely what we are telling him to do.  He's smart, and whether listens perfectly or not, we enjoy having him at our side.  He doesn't kill chickens, or unnecessarily nip at the heels of cattle, and his favorite pastime is chasing rocks.  Yep, he loves rocks – and snowballs.  I thought the photo below that Andrew took of him was too nice to pass by, so I had to share it with you.
Samson is about six years old and a purebred German Shepherd.
Have a blessed day!

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