Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Farm Notes August 6th

Our family has been busy butchering chickens this week.  We did 150 birds in two days (yesterday and today).  A relaxed pace, but enjoyable for us all.  In the photo below, Dad (Jim) stands next to the famous "Whizbang" chicken plucker.  Here's how it works:
1) scald three birds in 148 degree water for one minute
2) turn on Whizbang and toss birds into the barrel of spinning rubber fingers for 20 seconds
3) spray with cold water
4) remove plucked chickens 
Plucking takes a grand total of about 7 seconds per chicken this way.  It sure beats hand plucking! 
If you ordered pastured broiler chickens from us, you will be contacted when they are ready.  Some orders will be filled from future batches.


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