Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eclipse of the Moon

Hello there,

Last night there was an eclipse of the moon. We watched it and I took these pictures through our telescope! The shadow is just starting to cover the moon.

It's about half covered in these pictures.
Almost gone here.
And this is it completely in the shadow. That is about as red as I saw it. I went to bed around 9:30.
This is as good a picture as I could get with our camera without looking through the telescope.
This is our telescope. Steve Schadler gave it to us when he was cleaning house! Thank you Steve!
While I was trying to find the moon through the telescope I found this planet. We're pretty sure it is Saturn. Through the telescope you could see the rings around it! It isn't as clear in the picture as it is just looking through the telescope.

This is a video through the telescope.



Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures!!!!!

I'm amazed that you can take pictures thru the telescope!!!

Actually, the telescope originally came from Susie. So you'll need to thank her.

Best wishes!

Carolj said...

Good job on the pictures! We saw it through a lot of clouds that night. I think we were in Alabama.

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Marci said...

GREAT pictures. You did good!!!!