Sunday, April 06, 2008



A lot of things have happened since I last wrote. We had the ND homeschool convention, Dad and Jonathan went to the State Republican convention, and yesterday we got back from Glendive Montana. And one of the most exiting things is spring is here! Here's some pictures of various things

This is me at a State park near there. We stayed at a family's ranch that had asked Dad to come and do a talk on the biblical concourse.
They use an airplane that they put together from a kit to check on their cattle. They have a lot of land to check on!
They flew us around on a ride for a while and then went and checked the water tanks for the cows and checked for cows that were having trouble calving.
This is some of the terrain they own. Pretty hard to get around without an airplane.
We saw this cow moose on our way to transplant seeds at Paulette's.
We also helped her put up her hoop house.


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Anonymous said...

Wow Peter I didn't know you went up in a plane . That must have been a thrill.

Nice pictures of what you have been doing.

Thanks for the post.

Gp B