Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bottineau Caucus


The Bottineau caucus was a few days ago. We did some campaining for Ron Paul previous to the caucus and durring. The results at our caucus location were:

Huckabee 23 votes
Romney 23 votes
McCain 23 votes
Paul 33 votes

We stayed until it closed and they let us help count. That was kind of fun! We passed out Ron Paul slim-jims there to people as they came in. A lot of people said they were already planning on voting for him, but there was a lot of people not voting for him. We were the only people advertising a canidate there.

Here's a picture of me as you would come in (in the far back you can see a big 4x8' Ron Paul sign).
This is where they had you vote. We asked if we could put signs in the room where they vote and they said they didn't know why we couldn't.
Jonathan and Dad both gave a speech there. There was supposed to be speeches from 6 to 6:30 and then vote from 6:30 to 8 but they let people vote as people were talking. Jonathan and Dad were the only people to talk.
We got back late and checked the web as the caucus results state wide came in. I guess Ron Paul got third (21%), real close to John McCain (23%). Romney won. At least we did our part!


P.S. The caucus was at the Bottineau armory.


Lynn Bartlett said...

Good job of reporting, Peter! I was proud of how you handed out Ron Paul information, and interacted with the people who came in. Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

What an exciting time. Especially where you guys did so much for Ron Paul.

Great job to you all.

Gp B

Carolj said...

That's GREAT!