Thursday, August 09, 2007

It's about time I write. Blogger told me I hadn't written since June 30! We have all been really busy. The night before last we performed a selection of songs for an hour at the state park. It was for a bike trip that stopped in the Turtle Mountains as a sight seeing trip. I guess there was about 400 people there. Half way through the sound system blew up! Not quite that bad but it was smoking out of the volume control area. It was a friends sound system but it was getting old. Other than that the performance went pretty well. For the last half we sang louder and played quieter.
We have had our first sale of beans and chokecherries to some friends that live about a 1/4 mile from the Canadian border on boundry lake. We will be going to the farmers market on Saturday to sell produce. We are about sick of beans. Mom canned about 165 quarts of beans and we are going to can some for other friends.


I made myself a new belt buckle out of aspen:

It only took me an afternoon and a half a day to make it. I used some paint we had laying around on it.

Our bees are buzzing in the corn really thickly. They are fun to watch! I would have taped the hum exept we don't have a tape recorder.

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