Saturday, June 30, 2007

My new knife

Here is pictures of my latest project. I got the idea from an old Backwoods Home magazine article.

I cut the blade from an old circular saw blade that wasn't being used. I was going to rivet the handle together but we didn't have a drill bit that could drill through the metal. I ended up using JB Weld epoxy to glue the handle to the blade.

It didn't turn out very showy but for me it was fine! The handle is made from some ash wood that was cut from our property. I used the router to make the handle smooth around the corners. I finished the handle by rubbing linseed oil on it.
I scratched my name at the base of the blade with a screw tip.
Here's an overall picture of the completed knife. It is aproxamatly 7 1/4 inches long from tip to handle.

AND... Here's the sheath! It was made from some leather that we had in the old house. I used our leather working tools and made the design. I thought it turned out pretty good.

Here is a full picture of the sheath.
Here is it on me!


Anonymous said...

Good job on the knife Peter.

It must have been a job to cut it from a saw blade.

Gp B

Benjamin said...

Very good work peter,
Heather and I were both really impressed with your leather working skills!

marsha said...

Very nice.. a knife to be proud of.