Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I haven't quit blogging!


I'm still here but haven't had time to blog for quite a while now. Fall is pretty much here so the garden has needed work. Today Jonathan and I put up deer fencing around three (out of 25 or so) of our apple trees. There is about 6 left to do after those. We also dug up one patch of corn that was done for the year. Most of the family went to town this afternoon so I moved all the dug up corn stalks into the compost pile.

Last Saturday we played music at the Bottineau fall festival. We played for about an hour. I think we did better there than any other place we've played at so far.

During the last rainy days Andrew and I built little crank wood cutters. Here's a picture:

In the base there's a stiff wire that is bent so it pulls and pushes on the wires connecting to the men's arms
This is the crank.
This guy's arm moves up and down and chops (or tries to chop) the log.

This one saws back and forth on the log.

Here's some more pictures of what we've been doing:

These are our six kittens.

Pretty cute!
Here's something I painted

Here's something I routered
Here's the chickens in the barn we separated off a section for them to be separate from the goats.

There is egg boxes in the pen too.

Here's the goats.
And the pigs.

And our square straw bales.
And a picture of the trees. It's not as pretty as it was earlier in the year.
That is it for now,


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

Good to see your back Blogging.

Love the pictures.

Pigs are getting bigger.

Cute Kittens (lots of Funny Faces).

Can you check to be sure you have a 1.5 to 2' piece of schedual 40
1 1/2" pipe. I need to know before we leave Minot so I can buy one if you don't. Email me .


Good work on this blog.

Week from to day !!!

Gp B

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter, good to hear from you and to see pictures of your projects and animals.

Looking forward to next week.

Love, Grammy b.

Anonymous said...

The pictures of the wood chopper and sawyer came out good!

Dd in Albuquerque