Thursday, June 07, 2007

Thursday, June 7

Yesterday Dad and Jonathan left for Iowa to a homeschool conference. It has been raining here some. This morning Andrew and I did the chores that Jonathan and I usualy do. Milk the goats, feed the cats, feed the dogs, feed the ducks, move the goats, water the goats, move the chickens, get the eggs, feed the chickens, water the chickens, move the turkeys, feed the turkeys, get the eggs from the turkeys, water the turkeys, feed the pigs, water the pigs, water the chicks, feed the chicks, move the chicks, and stake out a goat. I think when we do the chores we bring down the hill about 4-5 buckets of water (usualy a little over half full so they are easyer to bring down to the barn). This morning the cover to our new chicken tractor blew off the hinges. The hinges were only attached to the cover with the short small screws that they came with so I put in some better screws.



Lynn Bartlett said...

Peter, I sure appreciate how you have taken over the chores with Andrew. And you two do such a good job! Love, Mom

Grammy B. said...

Hi Peter

Wow, I get tired just reading all the chores you guys do.

Haven't heard much about the pigs lately. Are they growing and do they smell on warm days?

Glad to hear you got some much needed rain.

Gp B

Grammy B. said...

Hi Peter, You sure have a lot of chores to do. Good that you and Andrew can handle all that while Jonathan and Dad are away.

I always enjoy reading your blogs.

Love, Grammy B.