Monday, April 23, 2007

Sprained fingers


I am writing this post with only one hand. We were bike riding on our dirt road east of our property and when I was going to pass Samson, who was walking next to me on the other wheel track, he switched lanes in front of me. I swerved to the side but fell and scraped across the gravel landing mostly on the back side of my left hand. My three fingers were sprained! They are a little swollen and it hurts to move them now.

We have gotten two people to reserve puppies so far, and one of those people came today. The puppies are about four weeks old so we will get rid of them at about seven weeks.

We are out of primer now, but Jonathan primed pretty much half of our barn so we can paint it soon. We finished shingling our barn tonight!!! That will keep the tar paper dry. We had tar paper on as roofing the whole winter so it is starting to wear out.

Paulette came over today and dropped off some clothes and a file cabinent. We have been getting some duck eggs the last few days. One of them was green! We have gotten chicken eggs, duck eggs, turkey eggs and goose eggs. Quite the variety.

We will be heading to the big city of Fargo in a couple of days. We are going to see Grandpa and Grandma Wagman there and see a lot of other friends there too. We are going on the birthday of our old neighbor Mrs. Nelson. She will be 100 years old! I'm sure we will be very busy all the time we're in Fargo.



Marci said...

Your cane is very nice. You ought to have your Mom list it on Friday Market.

I hope you have a great time in Fargo and get to see lots of people.

BonnieJ said...

Aww, I hope your hand heals up very quickly. You'll have a hard time picking with a sprained hand!
I didn't realize you guys had gotten so many goats. And the picture of the puppies is so cute :D