Thursday, April 19, 2007

Just kidding!


We just got twins yesterday afternoon from one of our does. The one seems healthy but the other (the kid closest to the camera) seems to have one knee that is not quite right. We now have a herd of 8 goats.

The kid doesn't seem to be able to bend it's knee out straight so it keeps falling down.

Here is the marking on one. They are both about the same in looks except one has a little more white on it's side.

We have been up to some projects lately. Andrew and I built this a couple of days ago. It was just recently painted.

What you see here is less than half the chicken we canned.
We have a broody hen that moves the eggs that are next to her (that a different hen layed) to under her so we found about 15 eggs under her. We took some out and put them into the incubator.

The puppies are growing really fast! They already are eating softened puppy chow. We keep them outside in a pen during the day and in at night.
Anybody want one?

Here it is really windy. Today we patched holes and repaired bikes to get them ready for summer use. Yesterday we planted some seeds in the ground outside: peas, carrots, beans and some experimental mangle beets. Let's hope they last!

Tonight it is supposed to rain. It looks like it too. Dad and Andrew finished putting spacer blocks in between the floor joists to support the posts that will hold up the second story floor joists, that will hold up the second floor, that will hold up me when I sleep up there!

Everything is going good here,



Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all the pictures! They sure help give an image to all that you write about!

Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

Nice pictures and story explaining all your activities.

Poor goat, Hope the knee can correct it self.

Fence looks very good. That will enhance Mom's flowers for sure.

I see you got the hoop house up already.

Glad to see the work on the upper floor is still in progress.

We are in Va Visiting Aunt Linda.

Arrived here yesterday afternoon and will leave for home, via one last overnight in Fishkill NY, Sat night. About 6 hrs from there to GIW.

We are on a hot spot (WI-FI) here in Va. We can't send e-mails but can recieve them.

Maybe this blog will go to you because it is not done on an e-mail. Lets see.

Gp B