Saturday, April 21, 2007



Dad and Jonathan went to Minot today to a homeschool outreach gathering. They aren't back yet. Mom and the rest of us went on a bike ride to Metigoshe Ministries, about a three miles and then rode back (three miles) in time to put the puppies in and go inside before it rained (but it only sprinkled a little then quit). Our kids are doing good still. The one is still weaker and one eye is a little matted but other than that they are both good. There has been a lot of migration birds on our place. I was at ash point (a place we cleared beside the lake) and three wood ducks flew over me. In case you don't know what a male wood duck looks like they are one of the most colorful ducks I've seen. The head has red, green, blue, white, and black colors. Today was a lot more peaceful than yesterday and was about 70 degrees. For a lot of the day it was cloudy but the sun shown for most of it.

Not much to catch up on,


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Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

Thanks for the update.

Have a good trip to Fargo.

Wish Mrs Nelson Happy Birthday from us. 100 years, what an accomplishment!

Tell Jonathan I read his blog also.
Enjoyed it but have trouble commenting with his security thing. Sometimes it goes and sometimes not.