Wednesday, September 27, 2006



Today we started out by putting the starter shingles around the edge of the roof and that took untill about 4:00. The reason it ended up being so late is because mom's washing machine broke down a couple of days ago and we went to a friends storage unit to borrow a washing maching from her.

It was a bumpy slow drive. They were tearing up the pavment on the lake loop road so we had to stop for a couple of minutes at a person holding a stop sign, and then follow a pilot car for another while and when the pilot car left and it turned out that the road farther on was worse.

At one point there was a grader, excavator and scraper parked across the road and dirt three feet high in front of them. Dad stopped we thought about it for a while and then decided to cut down into the ditch and onto the walking path and go around the vehicles. It was the only way to get past them. If we went the other side we would have drove into lake Metigoshe! (not good). We got past them, so that was good but even farther on we were driving over bumps and around rocks and just barely not rubbing on the belly of the car. We seemed small with big scraper machines driving past us and and a bulldozer dozing on the other side. Finally we got there and picked up the washer and headed home. There wasn't any trouble after that getting home (thankfully).

Back to the roofing. We got two rows of real shingles on! It is nice to see the roof coming. It is supposed to be nice weather for a few days so maybe we can finish before rain :o) Maybe it will be hot then the shingles would seal up. Then we can see if it drips! Hope not,



Anonymous said...

Hi Peter. Read your blog yesterday but just getting to answering.

Thanks . You did a great job.

Love hearing about your days.

Anonymous said...

Forgot to sign off.

Gp B

Marci said...

I am anxious to see pictures of all that is done on the house. You are getting some great experience under your belt!!