Wednesday, August 02, 2006

I've got some more music up now.


I had a little free time this afternoon so I used Dad's computer and recorded some of my music. It is me on lead and me also on backup. You will probably notice a little timing mistake on most of them but it is hard to record backup without any other instruments. The songs: cripple creek, man of constant sorrow, and my home's across the blueridge mtns all came from tablature from a new book I borowed from a friend. The books are from a series of five books and I am only using the second book of the series. I made up the arrangement for Jesus is our friend (boiling cabbage down) because I got tired of the simple way I had played it before. You can listen to the music at .

This afternoon Steve came over and we harvested oats by hand. Steve used our machete to cut it and then he stuck it in piles and I took some of the pile and tied another few stems around it to hold it together and that is called a bundle and after, Dad would come and stack the bundles together into a shock. Right now there is about 6 shocks (I think 6) out there.

Today mom did a whole bunch of presure canning, 49 quart jars to be exact. Those are mostly our green beans.

I'm getting a headache from looking at a computer too much so I'll talk later.



Anonymous said...

Wow Peter that sounded good!!!
How clever of you to put that together.

I guess Mom has the pressure cooker under control, (49 jars of beans)!!!

If she can't fit the canner on the stove, what does she use to heat it?

Bet those sucks of oats look impressive. Would love to see a picture of them.

What happens next, I assume drying and then thrashing. How will you thrash?

We are so proud of you Peter.

Love you

Gp B

Peter Bartlett said...

Mom can fit the canner on the stove so that is nice to just turn the knob on the stove to adjust the preasure.

Look at Steve's blog for the pictures and thrashing. His blog is

Marci said...

Great job Peter!!! Keep on keepin on. Maybe you will have a CD one day that I will buy. =)

Anonymous said...

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