Friday, August 25, 2006

I guess I'd better write


We have gotten quite a lot done since I last wrote. We have two 40' walls built on the house. The walls are 16 feet tall. We are going to put the floor in the middle somtime other than now because we would like to shell the house together before winter. Last night it rained a little (6 10ths) and it leaked in here a little too! Mostly in dads office, but we covered the stuff in there and collected the water in icecream pails. For the last few days that we have had a break from building we have worked on my treehouse area making a for. If you want to see the pictures go to my music website and click Pictures. My site is here.

Got to eat,



Anonymous said...

Hi Peter.

I am impressed with your engeering mind. also with the way you were able to write on the pictures. You will have to tell me some time.

Looks like Andrew was in some of the pictures, or was that you. Getting harder to tell lately.

Tell Dad to brace those 16' walls good before putting the roof on. A big wind could blow the whole structure down.

Be sure you put triggs at edges of floor so wall won't slide off the edge when raising into place. You will need plenty of help to lift those walls. Have braces all planed, so when the wall gets up you can stablize it so the time it has to be held up will be as little as possible. Hate to see it go to far and toppel off on to the ground.

So much for the free advise. Good luck. will be waiting for more pictures.

Gp B

Marci said...

Great tree house Peter. You have some real talent there.

Peter Bartlett said...

Hello, we did get the walls up. I didn't get time to blog about it yet. We had some friends over and used ropes and put a lot of braces on the walls. I took a bunch of pictures today that I was going to blog about but didn't get it done.

Thanks for the comments,