Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm still here!

Hello there!

Today it was around 70 degrees which was nice because for the last week it has been in the mid 90s. Today we moved our electric wire to a new spot for the goats because they had cleared out the previous area that we had set up. Yesterday it was David's 7th birthday! It doesn't seem like that long ago when he was only three.

Right now Mom is making raspberry jam and I can smell it from 25 feet away. The gardens are producing a lot. When our cousins were here we picked and shelled lots of peas. The total of shelled peas was 5 gallons. If any of you know how long it takes to shell any amount of peas you know how much work it is to shell 5 gallons of peas.

My brothers like taking pictures of their toy trucks.

A review of the week after the country living skills workshops.

The day after the country living skills day we played our music at the Bottineau Gospel Music Festival and that went really good just before it started my grandparents and cousins arrived from New Hampshire. We had a good time with them. They stayed a week and we went swimming with them, tought them to shoot, went to the Peace Gardens and had a real nice time. That was only the second time I had met my cousins.

I guess I'll go now. My brothers want me to ride bike over some of the jumps they made



Lynn said...

Good blog, Peter! Hopefully the raspberry jam tastes as good as you thought it smelled tonight! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

You must be the family dare devil,
touching electric fences and being the first to jump ramps with your bike.

Farmgirl made a comment on Jonathan's blog about your music at the gospel festival making a mom real proud.
Well I tell you, It made me one proud grandfather as well. You guys do an excelent job. Tell Andrew I feel the same way about his mandolin playing. You all sound so great together. The Bass realy adds the music. Glad Dad was able to be in on it.

Anonymous said...

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