Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Farm Notes October 2nd

It's big, and red, and works hard.  It's a Massey Ferguson model 1135 tractor with a grapple loader!  We put our pennies together and bought the tractor from a neighbor last Monday.  It is going to make bale moving a breeze.  That's the first major job we plan to use it for, then moving compost, cleaning barns, and ripping sod for more crop space.  Amazing what a piece of machinery can do!

Your farmer,


Graham Donahue said...

Cool! I like tractros. We don't need one for our small farm, and can't afford one anyway.


Peter said...

Thanks, Graham. We couldn't afford one either for a long time. Try hard to be faithful with a little and God will reward you with more.



Cora Bornemann said...

We're all so happy for your family to have a tractor like this now!!! :)

Peter said...

Thanks, Cora. It's a big upgrade for us :)