Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Farm Notes September 25th

Did you know that goats eat brush?  The love it!  At our farm we use goats to clear the brush from hillsides.  We only have a few does (a doe is a mature female goat) and one buck (male goat) and their kids are raised to be sold for meat.  The purpose of clearing brush is to open the ground for grass to dominate.  After a few years, only dead stocks of brush remain and it is time to rotate the cows or horses through the area.  The hooves of the large animals knock down what remains of the brush and it turns into a very nice grassy pasture.  We can enhance the landscape of our farm by carefully stewarding animals and plants.

A goat nibbling on "Buckbrush."  The berries are poisonous to humans, but goats aren't affected.
Your farmer,
(taken from this week's delivery reminder letter to Bartlett Farm customers)

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