Monday, April 12, 2010

There's more to say but...

Hello everyone,

This past few weeks and the next upcoming weeks are going to be very busy so that is why I have not written sooner.

A quick review of some things that have been done, and then some of the things that are going to be done (Lord willing!).

Mom, Jonathan and David went all the way to Minnesota to visit my Grandparents and spent a few days there. Dad and Andrew and I were home to keep up on the farm things here. They had a good time there, and we had a nice time here. Planted a few rows of peas almost a week ago now, so I hope the frost stays away after they pop up. We are glad to have everyone back now!

The hoop house is up and as soon as Jonathan finishes slapping a few barrel stove parts onto a new barrel (to keep the chill off at night) we will plant a few seeds in the ground there. The bay in front of the house has thawed so it won't be long until we can put the pump out again.

We now have a bit of gravel on the driveway so the sleet we got this morning won't mess it all up. I think it's supposed to rain a bit more tomorrow so hopefully the grass to come up quickly. We're getting low on hay!

This morning Jonathan and I worked together on some Appleseed training techniques. We will be instructing at an Appleseed shoot here at our farm on the 17 and 18th of this month. If you can come you had better sign up! I practiced a few days ago at an AQT (army qualification test) and scored Rifleman again, so I feel like I am able to help other people learn as well.

We have gotten a few more calls from people asking us for help this summer with yard clean-up so that will be another thing to keep us busy this year.

I'll have to stop here now to eat supper, so that's all for now.


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