Wednesday, April 14, 2010

An inexpensive wire strainer


If you have ever put up electric fences before, you probably see how helpful it is to use a wire tightener. A loose fence doesn't look too nice. I used the store bought ratchet strainers but when you need to tighten four or more strands it gets expensive. They cost $5 each at Nodak. I came up with one now that seems to work fine and only cost me about fifty cents.

The sides are oak so they should last a while. If not, I can aways paint them before installing them on the wire.

We are pretty much all set with the range for this weekend. We piled a few logs behind the targets where we saw the bullets hitting, so I think that will solve the ricochet problem. It looks like it will be a more fun Appleseed shoot than usual. There will be a few memorial volleys fired at 3:00 on one of the days in honor of the men that died in the battles of Lexington and Concord on April 19 1775. With over 100 Appleseed's going on across the country, and all firing their volleys at 3:00, I'm sure there will be thousands of rifle shots ringing out at one time! I think the shoot boss will also be handing out a few new fliers and people will do a few Red AQTs with a different course of fire. I'm looking forward to it. I have memorized the "1st Strike" and am supposed to tell that on Saturday if is all goes like usual. The 1st strike is as much as I can remember of the events leading up to the first musket shots fired on the Lexington Green, including Paul Revere's ride and a bunch more.
We will see if anyone brings their centerfire rifle to shoot this weekend. That is why there is more logs on this end for the higher powered bullets to get stuck in (hopefully!). This morning Jonathan was on 101.9, our local radio station, advertising the Appleseed shoot this weekend. We listened at home and it sounded really good! He was on the air for 5 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Hi Peter,
It was great seeing you this week! Thanks for the help with the dishes. I debated saying that as a lot of guys who are great shots may not want it told that they also dry dishes, but I mean it to be a compliment in that you are a well-rounded individual. :)
We are praying for your shoot this weekend. Sorry that we couldn't spare oneone this time around, but with the calving and grain cleaning, it just is not impossible right now.
When I saw the thick pile of logs on one end, I recalled Alex saying to us that when we have our next shoot we need to pile the bales 2 deep for the big guns.
Wish we were there!
Mrs. Bornemann

Peter said...

Hi Mrs. Bornemann,

Thank you for seving us lunch while we were at your house. It would have been fun to be there longer but we needed to get home. Thanks for everything!