Friday, May 26, 2006

An update from around here


For the last few days it has been real nice out. About in the 75-80s. The gardens are shooting up and so are the weeds but we take care of that by tilling and weeding.

Today Steve came over and we got a bunch done. He used his hand roto-tiller and went in between the rows of the garden, Jonathan and I built the start of a chicken coop, Steve and I used a drag and leveled out the ridges in the garden spot beside the hoop house, we did a lot more watering in the North East field (I did two rows of beans that were about 15 feet long and in order to soak it I used half of a tank full of water, about 150 GALLONS), I did some obediance training with Samson, and picked up rocks out of around the house and out in the field for a couple of hours.

Our humming bird feeder has had activity recently. Tonight as we had popcorn on the patio with Steve we watched one fly in, take a sip, chirp a couple times, and then fly out. Bzzzzzzzzzzz. Earlier on we watched a bumble bee that looked about the same size as the humming bird. I like all the wildlife and birds that we have in the Turtle Mountains. One of my favorite things to do is watch and identify birds and try to see how many different types of ducks I can see on the way to town or on a trip somwhere. It's nice to see a bird and know exactly what type it is. My list of identified birds has grown to more than 100.

Ned (our billy goat) says hi!

Mamma and the kids.

As you see the kids like to play on the sheep's back and the sheep don't seem to mind.

This one is You-too. He is the spotty kid. :-) I didn't get a picture of our other goat that we are milking. Her name is Mustard Seed.

Time for bed, Goodnight



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great blogging update Peter! Bumble bee the size of the humming bird...that has my mind going...


Grammy B. said...

We enjoyed your update, too Peter. Interesting that you have spotted so many different birds. It does take a lot of water to keep your garden from drying out. The pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them.

Love ya, Grammy B.

Marci said...

Love your blog and love your music. My son plays the guitar and plays with some other people in a small (for fun) bluegrass band.

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