Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tons to write about!!!

We have been keeping busy watering our ~acre garden. It takes about two afternoons to complete it all even with a 425 gallon tank and a heavy duty pump with two garden hoses on it! You only have to water about twice a week if you soak it down really heavy but with the strawberries and carrots that are close to the surface they need to be watered a lot more frequently so that it is still moist at the level where the seed it. Most all the seeds are peeking out of the soil now so it won't be long until everything is six inches tall!

Yesterday we had Chris Scigliano come over and till up another patch of ground so that we can till from now until next planting season so the weeds are deleted from that area. Our little twin kids are doing just fine! Jumping around and playing with each other. It is fun to watch them play and jump onto a sheep's back that is standing up and nibble on some wool and jump off again.

Today we went and took apart the beaver dam that is holding up water over the road. The beaver has built it up pretty good so it is harder to take apart than the first time we did it.

We are going to be playing music at a graduation near Bismark in a few days so we have been practicing and have got dad on the big upright bass so now he can play seven songs. Tonight mom took a try at milking and I didn't hear the story as to if it was successful or unsuccessful.

Oh yes, yesterday a lady came over from Rugby to help us take a look at our bees with dad and found out that one of our two hives was empty from most of the bees except for a bunch of dead ones so we are thinking that it got sick. Or possibly the queen moved or the queen died and all the other bees flew somewhere else but we don't know and at least we still have another hive. There's a bunch more to say but it's getting later so,

Good bye.



Anonymous said...

Nice report Peter.

Good day for us, all 3 blogs to read.

I think bees are interesting. Could it be that Dad didn't give the queen the medicine soon enough. I think someone spoke of that. I didn't know that it was nessary to do that.

Do bears bother active bee hives?

Would it be possible to get a couple good lawn sprinklers and set them on
step ladders so spray would cover the garden. Seem would be a lot less work.

Have fun

Gp B

mountainfirekeeper said...

Hi Peter!

Awesome post! Lots of information.

Gp B----they are caring for most of an acre of garden and berries already so a couple of lawn sprinklers wouldn't cover near enough ground.

We do hope to set up larger commercial sprinkler heads on posts connected with 1" black poly pipe so that each area can be watered by changing hose connections and opening and closing valves----soon.

Not soon enough--right Peter?

Best wishes!

Dr Bartlett said...

I like how your personality comes through in your writing Peter and it is interesting to see which details interest you. Keep up the good work watering!+

Anonymous said...

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