Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Crown Of the Continent: Exploring Glacier National Park Part 1

Just recently I came across an article that explained how to avoid the feeling that time is flying at break-neck speed. The conclusion was to incorporate novelty into your life. Things out of the ordinary. Things unusual. By doing so, our mind logs more quantity of memories in succession which gives the impression that time has slowed down.

I experienced that feeling first-hand earlier this year on my trip to Glacier National Park. Before those memories fade, I want to take the time to write down what I remember and share it with you. By putting them in writing I can relive some of them in the process, and transfer a part of the experience to you so you can enjoy it with me.

I'm planning a series of at least 5 posts on this topic, so I invite you to grab your backpack, hiking boots and fly rod, and follow me to Glacier National Park!

By way of outline,

  1. I'll first cover some reasons for my vacation and where I got the ideas.
  2. Then I'll move on to the actual trip and show you what I discovered and how it blessed me. 
  3. Finally, I'll wrap up with reflections on what I learned from the time away and how it refreshed and energized my life.

A favorite picture from Lake St. Mary's on Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park. Click here for the full photo.

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