Saturday, March 05, 2016

A Moment of Milk

The last bottle thudded into the cooler and I dropped the lid into place. Raising myself from a bent over position I reached for the handle of the sliding glass door on the cooler and maneuvered it open. Packing milk for the next morning's delivery had left one sole bottle, partially filled with creamy whole milk, sitting in the glass-front cooler awaiting my thirsty gaze.

A well-practiced flip of the cap and the bottle was traveling to my lips, soon coating my taste buds in a soothing delicious white fluid. Pure milk, nothing added, nothing taken away. Oh the joy of the thought! This thought. A thought you may well benefit to enjoy with me. The fruit of earth's riches. A bounty of heaven! The union of divine blessing on mere temporal creation -- in short -- God's promised daily bread that, whether asked for specifically or not, Jesus has imparted by grace to me.

That pure milk, coming from the healthy udders of cows I cared for since they were born, produced by cattle stimulated by solar energy converted into grasses, cut, dried and stowed away for winter's feeding. Milk, the fluid portion of which, mined from below the crust of earth, was drawn from reservoirs of filtered ocean water carried by clouds onto the mainland of America.

This thought, with others like it, raced through my head as I swallowed down the remaining milk and replaced the lid, turning back to my task at hand. Oh the glory of the riches of God ministered in this simple part of my day!

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