Tuesday, November 03, 2015

To Grow Your Mind

Wrapping your mind around a project can be difficult when you're new to something. But growing your mental abilities before you encounter a difficult job makes it easier to get started.

For example, if I walk into a messy room and don't think about cleaning up in an orderly way, the job can easily feel overwhelming. But if I gaze around the room first, and identify the main things that are out of place before I begin to act, then the problem gets narrowed down to one manageable task at a time.

I am convinced the process of thinking through a task is made easier by reading books, and especially learning concepts. To think conceptually puts your thinking on a higher plane than simply taking a job at face value.

The way I came to love thinking conceptually was by memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism. No conceptual thinking or meditating can rise higher than when we rest our thoughts on God Who made all things, and receive an understanding of His ultimate plan for history by knowing His Word.

From the starting point of the fear of God, all other fields of knowledge can come easier to our minds because they fit into the overarching canopy of God's revelation; in His Word and works.

The book, "The Art of Explanation" illustrated this fact by saying that in order to make it easier to understand the tree, you need to start by talking about the forest. In the same way, all the different bodies of knowledge are very difficult to piece together if you don't first start with God.

In the book "Mathematics Is God Silent" the author quotes a book on Johannes Kepler the famous scientist, saying that to Kepler, the study of the world was essentially an act of worship to the God who created it.

Thinking conceptually, in the form of mathematics, biology, geometry, language form, etc. is very really the thinking of God's thoughts after Him, as Rushdoony said.

Today, as I worked in the barn building a stanchion frame, the beauty of everything turning out square and level made me realize that my love of thinking conceptually about God, bore fruit in His making me handle the square and level with accuracy. A 3' x 3' slab of OSB slid into place like a cabinet door! I couldn't take credit for it. And the more I work from day to day with the fear of God in my mind, the more fruit I know will be seen in ways only He knows right now.

For this I am thankful and will praise God.

Please take this as an encouragement you to grow your mind by reading books and thinking conceptually.

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