Saturday, May 09, 2015

My New Project: Building a Tiny House


I am excited about a new project I'm starting. With a long standing inspiration from Dad, I've decided to start building a tiny house!

You might wonder what a tiny house is. A tiny house is basically a small cabin that has all the workings of a full house, only a tiny version. Many people are building tiny houses on trailers to allow mobility. While I don't intend to put mine on a trailer, I am building it with portability in mind.

There are a bunch of great websites from people catching on to the tiny house idea. is a good one I came across. The concept is that you don't really need a huge amount of space to operate. Staying small is economical for a beginner, and just the basics will do in most cases.

An inspiring young man documented his tiny house story on his website here:

I'll plan to share a few pictures now and then and show you how it goes as I learn what I'm doing.

 The beams are notched to tie the floor platform together and help keep things together when being moved.

The beams have a 48" space between them for mounting a panel underneath to support the floor insulation.

Setting the joists in place was like building with Lincoln logs. They fit very nicely.

Finished for today.

"Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it." Psalm 127:1

Stay tuned!


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