Wednesday, January 21, 2015

2 Lessons from a Plane Ticket

Hi again,

As I've been wanting to blog again, I've wondered what kinds of things to write about. I'm sure that's what everybody goes through. But I just decided I'll say what I've been thinking about.

2 Lessons from a Plane Ticket

It struck me a few days ago that the calving cycle for our cows was going to make four of the eight milk cows go dry at the same time.

I thought it might make a good opportunity for me to get away from the farm for a while.

We all sit around the table and talk before devotions (sometimes too much) so if there's anything needing to be discussed Dad asks, "is there any further discussion," or something like that.

That's when I brought up the plan I had been churning in my mind.

I mentioned the reasons why now might be the best time of year and we all pitched in our two cents. David punched into Google flights and started rattling off ticket prices on his smart phone.

Andrew flipped open Mom's chromebook and started bickering with David about dates and prices. Andrew said planning six weeks out tends to give the best ticket prices. I hoped I wasn't being too hasty and "flying by the seat of my pants."

Soon enough the decision was made. A really good priced ticket was available over the weekend of a Bismarck delivery (a lighter, easy-to-pack delivery weekend for our farm) and Andrew quickly submitted the order.

Hours later we still hadn't gotten the confirmation email. I actually tried placing the order again, thinking the credit card had failed, but the website still didn't work.

I checked the tickets again trying to get the website to work. The price had gone UP! Now I thought I was really stuck and started wondering if multiple orders had actually worked and I was in for a ride (literally).

So I went and asked Dad.

That's how it goes, I get stuck before I start asking people. Dad's brilliant mind proposed the answer -- call United Airlines! (should've thought of that...)

The lady was extremely helpful and found a record of my failed attempts. She read off my access numbers and I done. My ticket was ordered. Previous attempts canceled. And I got the cheaper price!

The frustration with United's website was resolved in full by their quick customer support.

I learned a few things that day:

1) ask for help before you get stuck, and 

2) be quick to resolve other people's problems.

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