Tuesday, June 04, 2013

This week

On each weekly delivery reminder that is sent out, I include a paragraph or so that has something interesting for our customers.  I wrote this today for this week's reminder:
Farm Notes:
The calves were skipping around the pasture as the cows stuffed their bellies with lush green grass and clovers this week.  Did you know you can tell a cow's attitude by her tail?  A gentle swish is a sign of contentment.  An excited slap shows irritation.  I could tell they were all enjoying the change of scenery since they were happily swishing along across the paddock.  On our farm, we move the cows to new sections of pasture about once a day.  This mimics the wild herds of bison that used to roam the prairie and is important for the nutrient recycling process.  The cows' hooves knock down plant material allowing the soil microbes to decompose the plants and feed the soil.
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