Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pigs out to pasture

Hello everyone,
On Monday we set up the electric pig pasture and moved them out to munch on fluffed up turf and roots.  It's amazing what a pig can accomplish with it's snout.  If the ground is soft from the rain, the pigs can plow their nose under the sod and flip it over in no time.  Once the pigs have rooted up a plot of ground, we will broadcast some non-GMO alfalfa seed over the area and rake it in.  Eventually the area will become a lush stand of forage for the cows or pigs or other animals to graze.  Isn't it neat how animals can work together to improve the land?  We give the glory to God since He authored this design (more here).
Dig pig, dig!
Enjoy your day,

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