Tuesday, April 09, 2013

April 8th, 2013


Last night some of us congregated in the living room just before bedtime.  David and I were able to get one round of the Farming game in while Dad cleaned up milk dishes for me.  While we were all sitting there, I noticed Mom's box of old blog posts from around 2005 sitting in the corner.  I grabbed it and we read aloud some of the adventures that Jonathan wrote about on his blog a while back.  We were talking about old times and reminiscing about all the experiences we've had.  I am grateful that we wrote what we did when we did it, because just reading some of those old posts is enough to spark my memory about those exciting times we had. 

But the excitement isn't over!  I am still living an exciting life and I know that what is written now will be useful for future edification and encouragement to others.  I'm sure we will look back and appreciate the time spent jotting a few daily happenings, even if they aren't that unusual. 

So, last night I scribbled down the following blog entry on a spare sheet of paper in my Bible.  It recounts some of yesterday's happenings.  Written with a blunt pencil in sloppy cursive, the sentences may not be as nicely put as they could have been if I had typed them on a keyboard. 

April 8th, 2013

Today was a productive day for me.  I started the day by gulping down a half gallon of water right after I got up.  It is refreshing to drink a bunch of water all at one time as long as it is not ice cold.  I filled a milk bottle up before going to bed last night so it could warm to room temperature. 
Dad and Jonathan are pouring over the egg laying chicken proforma right now, trying to refine the numbers to make it more profitable.
I copied and sent some of the contracts that have been sitting on my desk for too long.  They become a part of the scenery and I forget about them, so it's nice to get some of them taken care of finally.  I had to buy four stamps from Mom since I'm out right now.
After lunch I went upstairs to take a 20 minute nap and had been laying there for about 10 minutes when David burst into the room and called out that Doug Goehring was on the Scott Hennen radio show.  I was immediately alert and flipped my covers off to get out of bed to join David downstairs.  We tried to get the radio program number off the web, but the connection was too slow to get anywhere.  I called a different number and left my message, then we got the radio going online and heard just enough to miss the call number that the host rattled off so quickly.  Andrew went upstairs to see if he could get Dad's computer to find the phone number while Dad was on class, but David finally figured out the number and I called in.  They asked me my name, area, and what I was calling for.  Then the radio began playing and the host came on air.  After a minute or so (my heart beating) Mr. Hennen said something to the effect of, "Let's take another caller here, . . . Peter in Bottineau, what's on your mind?"  I replied that,"I was calling in regard to the discussion on Senate Bill 2072 about cow-sharing, and I just wanted to make it clear to everyone listening that we are not talking about anything to do with the sale of raw milk (which is the most common misconception regarding true cow-sharing).  It's an issue of state regulation of private cow ownership."  Another few seconds of explanation and I said what I needed.  He basically agreed and let me off the line. 
Those kind of experiences are rather fun, if I know I am doing it for the sake of the Truth.  David kept the recorder going to capture any additional comments that may be made, while I went out to do barn chores. 

I hear kittens scratching in the box behind me.  We haven't paid as much attention to them this batch.  Well, I suppose it's time to go.  Peter

  • Doug Goehring is the ND Agriculture Commissioner.  He is responsible for encouraging the state Dairy Director to ban cow-sharing this legislative session.
  • I was interviewed on the Scott Hennen show a few days ago about SB 2072.  The conservatives in ND don't agree with the Commissioner, and we wanted to add some clarification to his take on on cow-sharing in ND.  That's why I called in.
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Graham Donahue said...

Thanks for sharing. It sounds like you have been keeping busy and been having fun!

Have you ever heard of Way of the Master Radio? It is put on by Ray Comfort, Todd Friel, and Kirk Cameron. They talk about witnessing and other Christian subjects. I have been listening to it a lot recently. It is very edifying.


Peter said...

Thanks for the note Graham.

I am familiar with Mr. Comfort and Way of the Master, but I didn't know they had a radio show. I'll have to check it out and see if I can download anything to listen to while I'm milking :-).