Saturday, February 19, 2011

Check it out!

Hi there,

Well, it's been a very long wait for me with lots of time and work involved. I began planning this out last fall, so I was really exited to have it arrive here in the mail today. Check it out below
Yes, it's what it appears to be -- a brochure! I spent many, many hours writing and revising the contents, and so far I haven't found anything I would change about what is said inside. The topic is Real Milk. "Taste the difference, Experience the Benefits" as the front panel says.

You may be able to read a little from the picture but it would help to have the .pdf version of the page. I will post a link to that full color file as soon as I can. Right now it is stuck on the laptop computer that crashed.

The brochures are not cheap to print. They cost about $.50 cents each so I will be giving them out to very interested people only. We used the company VistaPrint for printing these brochures and the business cards. I highly recommend them for their service, accurate printing and professional products.


Herrick Kimball said...


I can see why you would be pleased with the brochure. It looks like you have done a remarkably fine job with it!

It's very professional looking and I'm impressed. Best wishes with your fledgling dairy enterprise. I have a feeling that, before long, you will have more customers than you have product to sell.

Thanks for the VistaPrint lead.

Herrick Kimball

Anonymous said...

Very nice!


Cora Beth said...

Those look GREAT Peter! We do a lot of things with VistaPrint also.....

Benjamin said...

I can't wait til you post a link so we can read what you have written in the brochure! Very professional looking.