Sunday, June 13, 2010


I just had to say that about store-bought butter. It's really tastes awful now that we have been used to homemade butter! I guess it is probably the lack of taste in store-bought butter that is the issue. It just makes your bread feel like somebody spread grease on it and it is white as a sheet of paper. It makes me shudder to think of the cow(s) that it was milked from.

We had to save cream for a few people at the beginning of the month, and then we needed the milk for other local people, and then our semi-regular person from Minot let us know that he was coming so we had to send milk with him so we didn't have enough cream for butter. I guess we're caught up now, so we are making butter again.

Today we went over to Metigoshe Ministries to help them set up quilts for an upcoming auction. There were about 150 different quilts from churches that donated them to the center for them to make money on. I heard that last year the top bid on one of the quilts was . . . take a guess . . . $34,000 dollars! That is some money for a quilt! There were all sorts of sizes and designs that we had to fold and hang on the beams in the church.

Then, since today was the only sunny break in the weather forecast we went and mowed two people's lawns. We weren't able to get them done on time earlier in the week, and tomorrow it is supposed to rain too, so we needed to get them done.

Mom just said the cows were staring at her while she was taking clothes off the line and they looked like they were begging to be let out to pasture again. I need to go do that now. . .


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David said...

I say yuck too to that grease that is sold as butter!