Tuesday, March 02, 2010

How to keep a cat from thinking out-of-the-box


A few nights ago I woke up to the sound of little kittens crying for their mamma.  Our house cat, "Funny Face" had a litter of five kittens a few days before but we had kept her and her kittens in a cardboard box in the bathroom.  She had quietly carried them one at a time under my bed a few days before.  They hadn't made any noise for the first few nights so we left them where they were.  When they started making noise, we decided we should take them back to their box in the bathroom. 
The cat didn't like the idea very well and every time we would put them in the box she would drag them back under the bed.  We tried stacking different things in the path where she would have to go to get to her spot but she found other ways in--squeeze in between the potato sacks and boxes.

Andrew finally came up with the cure.  He set a battery powered radio tuned to static near where her nest was.  She decided it wasn't very pleasant any more and has stayed in the box ever since.


Anonymous said...

Good idea but didn't the static sound worse than the kittens?

Gp B

Peter said...

Hi Grandpa,

Yes static does sound worse than a bunch of kittens crying! We didn't leave it on very long and the mother cat quit trying to bring the kittens under there so I didn't have to sleep with it on.