Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hay feeder

This afternoon I put together another hay feeder for the animals. I just had one feeder for the main area and had to fill it up at least two, sometimes three times a day. Sometimes I can tell if the weather is going to change (for the worse) by how much the animals eat the day before. The air pressure must let them know a head of time when they will need more food.

The feeder is simply two pallets put together with sections of old floor boards with legs nailed on to those. When the cow knocks it over and it all falls apart you just put some additional nails in along with the old ones and it is like new again!

Now I will fill up three feeders each morning.

These were a few of this year's kids that we will soon butcher.

Pounce....... him!
That's what happens to mice around here. But we have been giving the cats cat food so they aren't hungry enough to want to eat the mice they catch right away so they play with the mice until they don't move any more and then eat it or else a different cat takes it away and eats it.

This morning the sun hadn't risen above the tree tops until around 8:15. So I do chores in the dark, morning and evening.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Peter

Gp B

Andrew B. said...

Hey Peter!
I like your hay feeders! Actually, we were just discussing how to make some hay feeders for our goats the other day! Those are good pictures of the cat and mouse, I bet they here hard to take!

Andrew B.

Lynn Bartlett said...

Actualy I cheated when I took the pictures of the cat and mouse. I was lifting up a tarp and saw the mouse running away so I caught it and gave it to the cat! Then it was easy to get a picture.