Thursday, May 10, 2007

Chicks, geese, and piglets

Hello again,

Our chicks have been hatching pretty good. We've had two rotten eggs explode in the incubator. Kind of a mess. We have gotten two piglets now too. Here's some pictures:

We have hatched about 20 chicks and have only lost a couple before they hatched. We have saved ourselfs a bunch of money by hatching our own Buff Orpingtons.

Here's the piglets. One was 22 lbs and the other 20 lbs. We payed a dollar per pound for them.
There is the one that is kind of orange.
Our geese have been setting on a nest for a while now so we should see some goslings some time soon.
Samson likes to keep a close eye on the piglets. They got out twice today because they broke the wire that we put up to keep small pigs in.

That's all,



Anonymous said...

Great pictures Peter.

Sure looks like you are becoming an official farm.

Tell Jonathan we enjoyed his blog and His political comments. Still can't get our comments to go through to him. I know its on this end but we will keep trying. Thought we had same problem with Andrews but we set up a separate account and it said it went through. We still haven't seen it on his comment page. Wondering if he has opened his blog comment page yet.

Have fun on the farm.

Gp B

Anonymous said...

Why does the time on my last coment say 6:33AM? It was 9:33 AM when I sent it.

Gp B

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog with the pictures of your animals, Peter.

I'm wondering how big those piglets will grow, should be inexpensive pork chops for you later.

Love, Grammy B.