Wednesday, February 14, 2007



No it's not a chimminy fire. I went outside wondering what I should do, so I went down to the lake and built myself a fire. I used only the stuff in the wild and the things in my pocket. I have a 5 in one survival whistle that I keep strike anywhere matches, small candle, bandaid, sandpaper, and a knife blade in. I used the inner bark of an aspen tree for tinder. I scraped the outer bark off of a dead standing aspen tree and peeled off the light brown dry inner bark. I only used two matches. Not really good but at least I didn't use three! The first match burned the tinder a little but then it went out. I used the second match and lit the candle and held the match and the candle to the tinder until it started burning. I suppose you wonder what the sandpaper was for. I used it to strike the matches on. The strike anywhere matches don't really strike anywhere, so I put the sandpaper in my kit to strike the matches on. The last time I tryed to light a fire with the strike anywhere matches I tryed to light them on my jeans zipper but then I just wore the white tip off. I got the fire blazing with just all the things in my pocket. It is nice to know that wherever I go I have a fire in my pocket to keep warm with.

The things I carry around in my pocket is: #1 jacknife, #2 five in one survival whistle, #3 small 9 LED flashlight, #4 pocket watch. In my right pocket: jacknife and whistle, left pocket: flashlight and watch.



Anonymous said...

Hi Peter

Nice to know you can keep warm in case you get lost.

It pays to practice survival.

Did you build the fire on the ice?

Good blog. Keep it up.

Gp B

Lynn said...

Well, Peter, no wonder the pockets of your jeans wear out with all that stuff in it! I'm glad you do carry it all, though, so I don't have to worry about you in the woods! Love, Mom

Marci said...

Sounds like you are the kind of guy that is good to have around when hiking in unfamiliar territory!!! Great job on the fire.

Anonymous said...

Hi Peter!

That was really interesting!

Thanks for sharing your story and describing the practical things that you carry in your pockets.

I'd be in trouble if I had to rely on what are in my jeans pockets right now. But I do keep a bunch of stuff in my winter parka pockets.

Best wishes!