Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bird feeder


Recently I have been feeding the birds on a feeder out in the front of the house. Mostly I have been getting common redpolls and chickadees the feeder but somtimes a bird that isn't in the bird book will show up. It stands about a foot high (when it is bending over eating), and is a brownish red color with some white on the wings. It comes out around the time that we do chores. The most we have seen recently of those birds is six at a time. We try and chase the big birds away to let the little ones eat. Look at the bottom of the post to find out what they are.

We have been doing homeschool in the mornings. It has been around 20 degrees here but a while ago we were haveing -20. Durring the cold weather we were getting 5-6 eggs a day from our eight laying hens. Today some friends are comming over and we will get ready to order seeds.


They were our turkeys


Marci said...

Do the turkeys go into your hen house with the chickens?

Anonymous said...

Good Story Peter.

Do you get more egggs when weather gets colder or warmer?

Those chickens and turkeys must be getting big.

Keep up the good blogs. Its been a while.


Gp B

Peter Bartlett said...

No the turkeys don't go in the chicken's pen, we have heard that they can pass a disease from the chickens to the turkeys.

We get around 5 eggs a day no matter what the temperature is. And yes the turkeys are big and we will butcher one when we run out of the last one. We have 3 males and 2 females left.

Thanks for the comments,


Marci said...

Do they just roost in the trees then? Seems like it would be too cold for them.

Peter Bartlett said...

The turkeys go in a shed that I built off the side of our barn. We herd them into there at night.


P.S.I must have put 2 insted of 3 female turkeys in the other comment.