Friday, June 09, 2006


Today we went to our friends the Scigliano's to pick up some turkeys that we bought from some other friends. We got 10 Bourbon Red turkeys. Right now they are about four inches tall and look like a brown spotted chicken chick. They are all cozy in their coop with the heat lamp on. We have bought two heat lamps this year because we only had one and that is not enough to heat 120 chickens and 10 turkeys. The turkeys are in a chicken tractor right now but I hope we can let them free range (if the dogs won't be a problem).

I haven't had to water because it has been rainy and the gardens were moist and since the sun hasn't been showing it won't dry up and need to be watered. I'm sort of glad of that. We had a good time at the Scigliano's. We had lunch there and visited for a while. We might end up helping them weed their BIG patch of berries sometime soon. I'm sure Chris (Scigliano) would be glad to have us help. We have been getting along pretty good without Jonathan and Dad over here but it will be nice to have them back in a few days. Time for our late supper.



Anonymous said...

Atta boy Peter.

Good wll written blog.

There must be a better way to get weeds out of a garden. Maybe you can invent something. Teach those chickens to pull them up. Do you think the deer and racoons will be getting into the garden after it gets up a little further?

Thanks for the up date.

Gp B

Anonymous said...

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