Wednesday, May 31, 2017

#RealStories: A Spee-Dee Recovery From Supermarket Pork

It was a crisp wintry day in February when the truck pulled up to deliver feed for the Bartlett Farms layer flock. Out stepped Jerrame, badges, uniform and all. Spee-Dee delivery was on time as usual with the big black and white freight truck.

Growing up on a farm in North Dakota, Jerrame W. of Minot ND is a driver for Spee-Dee Delivery, and has fond memories of gardening and farming as a kid. Jerrame, now about 50, is still extremely active and fit. His passion for simpler lifestyles and creativity shine as he explains how he prepares and serves gourmet meat-based dishes for he and his wife at their Minot area home.

In discussing what Bartlett Farms used the feed for, Jerrame opened up about his struggles with consuming store bought meat products. He described a burning sensation that occurred in his gut after eating a simple pork chop sourced from a typical supermarket.

Between tossing feed bags to Peter who stacked them on the nearby shipping palate for use with the laying hens, Jim Bartlett of Bartlett Farms began sharing problems associated with conventional meat-raising practices. Antibiotics served to animals in the feed, genetically modified ingredients, soy-based rations, and additives make up a large portion of the meat found on typical grocery store shelves. Jerrame had heard some of these things, but to that point he had simply not known where to turn for alternatives.

After that initial conversation in February, Jerrame decided to source pastured pork from Bartlett Farms to see if he experienced the same allergy-type sensations.

To his relief, after eating Bartlett Farms pork, the symptoms were minimal if present at all, and Jerrame was ecstatic the next few times we met for new feed shipments.

"After eating your pork I think my pork allergy has disappeared." -Jerrame W. Minot, ND

After months or years of not enjoying the benefits of pork, Jerrame has finally been able to cook and prepare the tender meat in his own creative way. No longer does he have to pass on eating pork chops, but he can settle in and enjoy the flavor of pork and other meats raised right.

In Jerrame's words, grass-fed meats are simply more concentrated and pure than watered-down versions of store bought meats. Like cool-aid, if you add water to the blend you still have cool-aid, but it's diluted. With grass-fed and pastured meats, you get the best meat full-strength.

Are you experiencing improvement because of a better diet? Share your thoughts in the comments or email Peter at

Real food is making a difference!

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